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smiling girlThe Crozat appliance is a removable metal appliance which was developed and designed to correct malocclusions and dentofacial deformities according to the concept and philosophy of Dr. George Crozat or New Orleans. The appliance was developed in the 1920’s as an alternative to the then cumbersome fixed braces of the day.

Crozat applianceDr. Crozat preferred lighter forces when moving teeth and felt that the natural forces of
function would influence the positions of the teeth. Thus he felt that changes in muscle
function were as important, if not more important, than the specific tooth movements.
His appliance was developed as a means to change and develop form and function.
The Crozat appliance accomplishes this by delivering stress through the medium of the
teeth to the supporting structures, resulting in tissue changes and, eventually, tooth

illustration of mouth with Crozat applianceThe appliance fits behind the teeth and can removed for cleaning. It works from the inside of the mouth and is inconspicuous while in place. Light forces are used to expand and develop the dental arches over a period of time. Because the forces are typically light, they are far more gentle and physiologic than typical jack screw appliances that rapidly expand the palate. Since the appliance is removable, the Crozat allows better oral hygiene for both children and adults.

many models of the Crozat applianceThe popularity of the modern removable techniques such as Invisalign (TM) and Clear Correct (TM) has shown how important is is for many patients to wear appliances that
are “invisible”, thus the Crozat technique is still relevant and fills this need today. Crozats can work well in the mixed dentition of children because they can be continuously modified. For adolescents or adults, Crozats are very useful for alignment for mild to moderate tooth alignment or for treatment of relapse. They are also useful in the mature adult dentition when treatment with other conventional appliances is contraindicated or not possible.


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